What is so special about Tarnish Free Jewellery?

What is so special about Tarnish Free Jewellery?

Hi there, fellow jewel-junkies! 

We're here to give you the 411 on the hottest trend taking the jewellery industry by storm: TARNISH FREE JEWELLERY! So buckle up while we take you for a spin around the world of jewellery that does not age or tarnish. 

If it sparkles today, it'll sparkle tomorrow: Imagine a favourite pendant or ring you bought that turns heads and earns you a bunch of compliments. Can you picture it? Yes! That sparkle that makes you shine bright day in and day out - if it's tarnish free, it's going to sparkle the same as day one! 

Waterproof Bling: Life can get a whole lot busy, especially with fall (and Winter) on the horizon. With countless errands, birthdays and events to attend - you're always on the go to make sure you show up for your social and family commitments. Add the stress of having to take off your jewellery before you primp up for the next commitment? You don't need that stress! Opting for waterproof jewellery ensures that your bling retains that everlasting sparkle. 

Low Maintenance, High Glam: People often want to opt for Sterling Silver jewellery. But who has the time to polish and clean that rust off of your jewels? Swap that out for tarnish free jewellery that will leave you with a whole lot more time to flaunt your bling. Tarnish free jewellery just needs a quick wipe and it is ready to shine for you!

Hypoallergenic Joy: Irritated skin, a terrible rash breaking out after you put on a necklace? Fear not! Tarnish free jewellery is hypoallergenic and a total game-changer. No irritation and no stress! 

Sustainable Glam: The metal we use in our tarnish free jewellery is stainless steel. It is recyclable and therefore, sustainable. When you buy our jewellery, you're doing your part in taking a step forward towards sustainable fashion. Join us in this jewellery revolution to ensure that you not only look good, but also feel good! 

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