Gold or Silver - which one is your colour?

Gold or Silver - which one is your colour?

Gold or silver - it might sometimes feel like Sophie's choice but fret no more. We're bringing you a guide to what suits you best. 

Choose the perfect colour based on the following tips: 

You might have a preference for either silver or gold jewellery - but does that really suit you?  Consider the following tips to find what makes you shine bright!

Tip #1: Find out if your skin has a cold or warm undertone:

Firstly, it's important to note that we're not talking about skin colour here. That is irrelevant. Here, we're bringing you a quick tip on figuring out your undertone. Simply take a look at your wrist. If your veins are a blue colour, you have a warm undertone. However, if your veins are a green colour, you have a cool undertone. 

Disclaimer: While this is considered the general rule of thumb, we still take it with a pinch of salt. There are several other factors to consider. And let's be real, wear what makes you feel good! 

Tip #2: Consider your makeup:

If you're the kind of girl that gravitates towards rich, bronze coloured makeup, you'll find that gold accentuates your look. However, if you prefer neutrals or cool metallics for your makeup, silver jewellery will accent it well. 

Tip #3: Your outfit:

Let's be real. The real game changer is and always will be your outfit. Gold jewellery pops against dark coloured ensembles - especially those that fall under browns, navy, emerald greens, deep reds, or deep colours. However, pastels and lighter colours that are easy on the eyes work better with silver. 

Tip #4:  Pick what you love:

We truly believe in the individuality of every being. You are beautiful and truly shine when you love what you wear. So ditch the tips, and pick what you love. Because our PRO TIP is to pick what makes you happy! 

You do you, girl!!

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