3 ways to untangle your necklaces

3 ways to untangle your necklaces

Is there anything more nerve wrecking than reaching into your jewellery box for your necklace, only to find it tangled up with other chains? We think not! Not only is this a time consuming, tedious task to untangle the chains, picking at the knots with your freshly manicured nails, but it’s also one of our pet peeves. 

Before we tell you the easiest ways to untangle them, pick up that tangled mess and situate yourself in a well lit space. Ideally, a desk lamp, or any space with a natural source of light. Make sure it isn’t over your bathroom sink because that’s how mishaps happen 😂

1. Use a needle:

Ideally a sewing needle or anything pointy. 
How: Place the sharp end of the needle straight into the knot you want to untangle and jiggle it back and forth. This movement loosens the knot and the chains start to give way. Now you can use other needles to unravel the knot or simply use your fingers. 

Pro Tip: If you don’t have access to a sewing needle, you can also use a safety pin, drawing pin, toothpick or even the post of any earring. 

2. Use Olive Oil:

Ideally olive oil, but any baby oil or soap and water works too. Lucky for you, our jewellery is water resistant and tarnish free so it’ll remain untarnished. Use a pea sized amount of oil and apply it to the knot. Now gently massage it on the palm of your hand. This will allow the chains to become slippery and will slowly loosen up. Now you can unravel the chains and set your necklace free! Wash with mild soap and water to get rid of the oil. And allow it to air dry. 

Pro Tip: Use a cotton bud to apply the oil to ensure that you’re only using the necessary amount. Excessive amount can be difficult to remove. 

3. Use Talcum Powder:

The idea is the same for this as it is for olive oil. Use a moderate sprinkle of powder on the knot and gently wiggle the knot to allow it to loosen. If you’re in a rush, hasten the process by using a sewing needle. Once finished, use a mild mix of soap and water to clean your tarnish free jewellery. 

Pro Tip: Unlike olive oil, things can’t get too messy with talcum powder. So use it freely because it’s less of a hassle to clean. 

Prevent Future Tangling of Necklaces:

Now if you really want to be smart for next time, use our resealable plastic (they’re biodegradable, don’t worry) bags that our jewellery comes in. This doesn’t take too much space in your jewellery box and allows for no tangling of jewellery. So avoid future messes and save yourself a whole lot of time. 

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