Guide to perfecting your fall jewellery style

Guide to perfecting your fall jewellery style

Fall is all about transformation and now is the time for you to bring your A-game! Jewellery has been around for centuries and now more than ever - it helps personalize your style and show off your personality. 

This fall - go for bold pieces, statement pieces that go with simpler designs to truly make heads turn. 

Embracing the Autumn Colour Palettte:

No matter what they say - black is always the new black! And as fall and winter approach, you end up seeing a whole lot of black around town. So when you're looking for what to wear with black - go for the warmer, gold jewellery. But when it doubt, opt for silver. Or better yet - MIX AND MATCH this fall!

Even with darker hues, gold is always a safe and classy choice!

Layer your Jewellery as you Layer your Clothes:

Layering isn't just for clothes - it is just as important as a style statement. Start by wearing dainty necklaces and rings, and then decide what to do next depending on your personal sense of style. What does layering do? It adds more flair and oomph to your look and allows you to mix and match, giving you endless opportunities to create unique looks that work for you.

What Statement Pieces Do I Need this Fall?

If you're going for an elegant, simpler look - here's our guide of how to style your pieces:


Opt for dainty, stylish Earrings like our Happy Pill Earrings 

Wear a single necklace on top of your sweatshirt or high neck to make an effortless statement. Such as our Reese pendant  
Opt for simpler rings to make for a stylish look such as our Everleigh Ring, Lacey Ring and Kingsley Ring
If you're a girl that likes dainty pieces on your wrist, opt for our Madelyn Cuff, Scarlett Links and Cora (Mother of Pearl)


If you're going for a bolder look - here's our pictorial guide for how to style your pieces:

The chunkier, the better! Our statement Chloe heart shaped earrings are a must-have this fall!
Opt for a single statement necklace like Freya or make layering your best friend and pair together Reese and Zora. 
Pull out your statement arm candy for a bolder look such as our Brooke Cuffs (available in gold and silver)
When it comes to stacking statement pieces, we are your best friend! 
Tick Tock, Lip Fillers, Horseshoe Ring, Harper Ring, Colette Ring 
While this is a general guide on how to style your jewellery this Fall, go with what you like. Nothing makes you look as good as what you feel confident in! 
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